About Barking Dog

Barking Dog Website Design specializes in designing websites for small businesses that currently have little or no internet presence.  I work primarily with small businesses that are already established and individuals who are launching new ventures.

I designed my first website in 2006 for my parents’ lodging and day-hunting business.  While rudimentary, it got them online, and over the years it has turned out to be their primary driver of new business.  Today, after a redesign and through a relationship with the Breckenridge Chamber of Commerce, their website attracts customers from all over Texas and out of state, and The Homestead House stays steadily booked throughout the hunting season and beyond.

More recently, I designed the website and became the site administrator for the Stephens County Animal Welfare Center, a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter in Breckenridge, TX.  The shelter already had a strong Face Book presence but wanted a way to keep all of their animals visible to the public and not be “lost” on older timeline posts.  Their website allows potential adopters to search for pets by type and size, submit adoption applications online, pay adoption fees through PayPal, read success stories, get advice from a professional dog trainer, and learn the “back story” of the shelter.

After receiving additional requests for website design, I started Barking Dog Website Design as an affordable option for small businesses to establish their online presence.  Please feel free to check out my work.

Emilly & Sam-002Why “Barking Dog?”

I’m a dog person.  I appreciate their attributes and admire their instincts.  I rely on mine to be a “better” set of eyes and ears.  So when my dogs start making noise, I pay attention.

What does a barking dog tell their person?  “Hey!  There’s something going on over here that you need to know about!”  And really, isn’t that what we want our website to do for us?  To get people’s attention, bring them our way, and see what all the fuss is about!

I design my websites using the WordPress.com platform.  WordPress is extremely dynamic and can be customized in numerous ways.  It also integrates beautifully with the most popular social media platforms.  So fire up your imagination – after all, it’s your website!