Meet Emily

Headshot2-002I grew up in the military, and my family moved back to the Breckenridge, TX area when I was a kid after my dad retired from the Navy.  My career has taken me from the Texas Gulf Coast to the high plains of Lubbock, but for me, the family farm is “home.”

I graduated from Texas A&M University in 1995 and have worked in sales and sales development ever since.  The first website I put together was for my parents’ lodging and day hunting business back in 2006.  I enjoy getting new websites up and running and find working with small businesses and new startups very gratifying.

I also work as a sales development analyst in the banking industry where I help develop and implement sales strategies.  Working with a professional sales and marketing team keeps me in touch with the real-world challenges businesses face in getting their message out to their customer base.

In addition to my work, I also enjoy gardening, canning, and lake time at Possum Kingdom.  I currently have three (sometimes barking!) dogs.