Examples of Good & Not-So-Good Domain Names


A few quick thoughts on domain names that work well and others… not so much.

designs4u.com vs. designs4you.com vs. designsforyou.com

Imagine that you say to someone in conversation, “My website is designs for you dot com.” Which of the above websites are they most likely to visit?


People have trouble pronouncing my last name  – and even more spelling it. This would be a challenging way for them to try to find me online unless they already know me well enough to know how to spell my last name. (“And does she spell Emily with a “y” or an “ie…?”)

newcarnow.com vs. newcarsnow.com

Plural versus singular nouns can result in easy mistakes for people trying to visit your website. Using something like ineedanewcar.com eliminates the confusion (and it is memorable!).

BONUS: When presenting my website in print, I like to capitalize the words in my domain name for easy reading.  It doesn’t actually make any difference in navigating to your page, but it does make it easier to comprehend.

barkingdogwebsitedesign.com vs. BarkingDogWebsiteDesign.com


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