Getting Visitors to Your Website

bdwdbaseballSomeone shared a quote with me recently about new websites: “If you build it, they won’t come.”

Sheesh, I couldn’t have said it better myself…

So once your website is up and running, how in the world is anybody going to find it? If you’re hoping your new website will just land at the top of the Google search results, guess again. That just is not going to happen (unless you have very limited competition in a very specific market).

Rather than just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, start promoting your website! It’s not rocket science, and the following approaches require little if any additional capital investment, merely an awareness of keeping your website at the forefront of your marketing.

  • Include a live link to your website in the signature line of your emails
  • Link to your website from your social media sites (and vice versa)
  • Be sure to include your website on all printed materials (business cards, marketing materials, signage, etc.)
  • Leverage your business partnerships. Are you a member of your local Chamber of Commerce or a trade guild? Typically these organizations will include a link to your website (from theirs) as part of your annual dues. (This is how my parents get the majority of new traffic to their website.)
  • Ask for referrals! Invite customers to share your website with anyone they think might benefit from your products or services.
  • Build an audience. Sharing quality content regularly on your blog will not only gain you a following but will also help improve your search engine optimization (this means you land higher in the results).

Figuring out where to start is always hard.  Pick one of the above items, and do it today!


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